Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mermaid In A Manhole - Spiritual Advice From Mold And Spores (2002)

Mermaid In A Manhole was an American experimental goregrind/noisecore project. Named after the Guinea Pig film of the same name, MIAM was formed sometime around the late 90s/early 2000s by Steve Embryo (ex-Gynophagia, ex-Rapist With No Penis, Sewercunt, Gruesome Toilet, etc). MIAM has quite an extensive discography, most of which is on tape format in very small limitation. Embryo also ran a label called Kinetic Sleaze Productions, which put out quite a few of his own works. Each release sounds completely different, due in part to the fact that Embryo collaborated with a new artist on many different release. Styles range from noise to gorenoise to early 90s noisecore to cyber/electro-gore to name a few. There's a lot of styles/influences that are completely indescribable as well too.

"Spiritual Advice..." is a more cyber/electro-gore sounding release that includes lots of weird and interesting synthesized rhythms at a mid-pace with groovy/chunky guitar riffs. Probably the MIAM release with the most musical qualities. The collaborator on this was release was Kyle Prescott (ex-Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage) who I believe provided the guitars. This is a rip of the original tape version, which was released in 2002 on Embryo's label, Kinetic Sleaze Productions. There is also 2003 reissue on CDr, which was picked up by Fecal-Matter Discorporated. This rip has the entire release on one track, if you want to devide it up into individual tracks.. the information is here.


Friday, 23 August 2013

Pancreatectomie - Food (2013)

Pancreatectomie is an old-style goregrind band from Columbus, Ohio, USA. Their sound is heavily influenced by d-beat, crust, mincecore and of course, by all the classics of the goregrind genre. Here's their long awaited first full-length simply entitled "Food". 19 tracks of pure disgusting goregrind, 3 of which are covers. I'm actually not sure if the LP is physically released yet, there's like no info about it online. But get in contact with them if you can't settle for a download.


Monday, 1 July 2013


So yeah, obviously I haven't really kept my word about continuing the blog. I apologize folks. I've been spending most of my free time doing things with my own projects (Gofuckyourself, Metastasis and a bunch of new gore/noise/grind stuff in works soon) and also spending a lot time organizing trades and stuff.

I'm not the best multitask-er and like I said previously, doing a blog like this can also be very tedious and time consuming. As much as I would like to get back to doing the blog regularly, I think it might not happen for a little while. I'm possibly going back to school in September also, so that will give me even less time.

Anyway yeah, I thought another update as to why this page just sort of stopped suddenly was due. SOMEDAY I will return to documenting and providing uploads for the wealth of awesome old-school true grind that exists.


Friday, 3 May 2013

Canker - Two Thousand And Shit (2008)

Canker was a two-man pathological goregrind band from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Formed in 2001, Canker was the first grind band to come out of this unsuspecting part of Canada. They were active for just under 10 years, had a fair amount of output and I believe did some shows. Sonically, Canker made crushing old-style noisy goregrind similar to Dead Infection, Last Days of Humanity, Squash Bowels, Pathologist, Regurgitate, etc.

Their material with a drum machine is their weakest material mostly because the programming just sound bad. But their material with real drums fucking kills it and I wish they had put out more with the sound they captured on the real drum recordings. There's some REAL eerie, disgusting and evil sounding tones on the recordings with real drums. The two brother behind the project, Philip (R.I.P.) and James Tarr were also involved in a number of other grind/gore/noise related projects such as Submersed Cadaver, Elephant Man Behind the Sun, Chernobyl Children and probably lots more that I'm unaware of. James also ran an exceptionally cool tape label called Intestine Stew Tapes.



To anyone who gives a shit about this blog: Sorry I've been neglecting updating it. I've just been lazy as fuck and busy doing stuff with my own grind projects. Running a page like this can also be extremely tedious and time consuming. I'll try to keep it a little more active in the next while but no promises.

Also I've been using my old soulseek account a lot to download shit now. If any of you have soulseek, feel free to add me. My username is: Blackened Thrash Attack. I used to like shitty metal crap so excuse the username hahaha.

Anyway that's all for now I guess. Bye.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Micosis - The Stench Of The World... As A Human Body Decomposition (2012)

Micosis is a goregrind band from Viña Del Mar, Chile. Formed in 2011 as a three-piece, they play extremely authentic goregrind in the old-school vein. Obvious influence coming from all the classics (Regurgitate, LDOH, Dead Infection, Xysma, etc.) and also similar to more recent bands, like Autophagia, Oxidised Razor, Scatologic Madness Possession and the like. Very dirty, raw, messy and seemingly DIY style production but still incredibly intense and disgusting. Truly a fantastic new South American goregrind band to keep your eye on. Here's their 2nd recording ever; a self-released E.P.!


Friday, 8 March 2013

Breakfast on Jupitor & Morte Lenta - Split Tape (2013)

Breakfast on Jupiter is a self-proclaimed 'space noisecore' 3-piece project from Arles, France and Morte Lenta is a 3-piece noisecore project from Fortaleza / Ceará, Brazil. Two exciting new noisecore projects to keep your eye on doing things the old-school way. The tape was self-released and available for free download from both bands.


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Disleksick & Harsh Supplement - Split Tape (2010)

Disleksick and Harsh Supplement are two of Canada's greatest more recent noisecore acts who are coincidentally both in the province of Ontario. Disleksick's sound varied quite a bit from release to release, on this one a mix of some micro-songs, improv whatever with some musical elements. Harsh Supplement typically do the "ultra-short noise explosions" like classics Deche-Charge and 7xMON. The tape was released on the label of David from Disleksick, Coffin Crawl Records.


Submersed Cadaver - Living In A World Comprised Of Ecological Malfunctions (2008)

Submersed Cadaver was a two-man gorenoise / noisecore project done by James F. Tarr (ex-Canker, Elephant Man The Sun, Intestine Stew Tapes and I'm sure a lot of other projects I'm forgetting) and Steve P.  - who I think is the same Steve of Vomitoma + a billion other gore projects, Splatterfuck Tapes/Recs. Really quality material, you can tell there's a solid variety of influence. Also a nice environmentalist theme to this project. This was released on Splatterfuck Tapes - who has since died and turned into Degenerate Slime Distro.


Pure Noise - Kill All Nazis


Savage Man Savage Beast - Kannibal Kulten (1997)


Bodies In The Basement - One General Sore (2000)


Mayhem Decay Cudgel - The Scene Is You!!!


Anal Birth & Trauma-Team! - Split CD (2000)


7-Way Split CDr - Destroy After Use (2007)

Great 7-way split that the infamous Septic Aroma of Reeking Stench put out. It features Acrophagia (gorenoise from unknown parts), Gorgonized Dorks (noisecore from the states), Kusari Gama Kill (noisecore from Denmark), Lacerated Tissue (gorenoise from Italy), Pus Pox (gorenoise from unknown parts), Praia de Vômito (noisecore from Brazil) and Succulent Torso (goregrind from the states).


Bestial Vomit - Sotto Gli Occhi Di Tutti E Sotto Quelli Di Nessuno (2010)


Monday, 4 February 2013

Meatal Ulcer - Craniopagus Parasiticus 2012-2012 (2012)

Meatal Ulcer is a one-man goregrind project from Melbourne, Australia. Formed in 2012 by Leo Witcroft (who is also the bassist of the Australian goregrind outfit, Die Pigeon Die), the sound is undoubtedly in the old-school vein but has a unique sense chaos to it that to me falls somewhere near gorenoise styling. It's a little hard to make any sonic comparisons or sight any clear references, but rest assure this is some of the finest dingy and chaotic lo-fi basement goregrind. Keep your eye on this project though, I can only see it getting progressively more pulverizing from here. Craniopagus Parasiticus is a compilation tape collecting MxUx content from various past releases.


Thursday, 31 January 2013

Menometrorrhagia - Extreme Gore Noise Terror (2013)

Menometrorrhagia is a one-man goregrind / gorenoise project from Thessaloníki, Greece. This is some of the finest noise of it's kind in the sub-sub-genre these days; an extremely tight, vomitous, horrifying, brutal, pus-ridden slab of carnage. Main influences coming from Last Days Of Humanity, Anal Birth, Biocyst, Urine Festival or even the almighty Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage. Ioannis - the maniac behind this project - was also behind the following: Nx5, Active Stenosis, Hydropsy, etc. Here is the first full-length for the project.


Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pulsating Cerebral Slime - Demo (2013)

Pulsating Cerebral Slime is a one-man goregrind project, formed 2013 in Lyon, France. The sound is some of the most authentically precise old-school sounding goregrind to come out of the scene in some years. Main influences and stylistic similarities are Xysma, Impetigo, Repulsion, Dead Infection, early Malignant Tumour and most of all, the Swiss legends Exulceration. Anyway, this demo speaks for itself and PxCxSx is one exciting new project to deligiently keep your eye on!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Nekromantiker - Demo (2009)

Nekromantiker is a noisy hardcore/punk band from The Netherlands. In the vein of early noise-laden hardcore classics, such as Disorder, Confuse, Gai, etc. The line-up features multiple members of the Dutch goregrind band, Intumescence. Here's their first demo a self-released CD-R that come out in 2009.


D-Clone - Creation And Distroy (2012)

D-Clone is a crasher crust / noisy d-beat band from Japan. Highly comparable to the likes of Japanese bands like Gloom, Framtid and most of all, Disclose. Extremely well done, D-Clone somehow magically is able to sound noisy as fuck while still maintaining a sense of coherence and audibility on this recording. Here's a CD-rip of their first full-length.


Electric Funeral - Gröndalen (2010)


Electric Funeral - Make A Change (2010)


Disgorgement Of Intestinal Lymphatic Suppuration - Hospital Holocaust (2007)


Yesmeansyes & 7 Minutes Of Nausea - Split CD (2009)


Netjajev Society System - Discography 2005-2006 (2007)


Agacoples & Brutal Noise - Split CD-R (2005)