Thursday, 27 September 2012

Vomitorial Corpulence - Skin Stripper (2002)

Vomitorial Corpulence is a goregrind band from Melbourne, Australia. They were one of the few existent goregrind bands out there whose lyrics and themes exclusively centered on christianity. Quite a strange and unfitting mix if you ask me - even though the band argues otherwise on their website - but lyrics aside, unless of course you're down with jesus, VxCx plays some absolutely relenting and vicious old-style goregrind. There's almost a strange violent bounciness to their noise, maybe because of the excessive d-beating and crusty parts - although there's no shortage of savage blasting either. Even though VxCx takes much obvious influence from the classics, like Dead Infection, Regurgitate, Haemorrhage, Necrony or even Impetigo, they've really got a unique and heavily punk influenced sound all their own that is quite phenomenal. Skin Stripper was the first full-length CD the band put out.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Inopexia - Myocardical Biopsy Had A Lethal Outcome (2012)

Inopexia was a two-piece goregrind band from Moscow, Russia. Essentially, they're one of the best and most authentic bands out there playing in the style of later Last Days Of Humanity - in particular, mostly the sound heard on Hymns of Indigestible Suppuration and In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions. And this isn't to be taken lightly, I think there's really no other band who has mastered this as well as Inopexia have out there. Anyway, some obviously very chaotic, heavy and unrelenting noise here with exceptional musicianship and precision. Unfortunately, the band called it quits in 2012. Here is their 2nd and last full-length release with one of the most laughable album covers that I can't really comment further on.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Nx5 - Intrapulmonary Decay (2012)

Nx5 is a one-man goregrind band from Thessaloníki, Greece. Formed in 2006 and ended in 2009, Nx5 had a handful of split and E.P. releases that were circulated through the underground gore scene. Sonically, influences draw not only from traditional goregrind but also from cybergore and gorenoise to create a really dense barrage of noisy pathological gore madness. The main influences, however, seem to be mostly bands like Last Days Of Humanity, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Tumour, Bacteriophagia Urine Festival, etc. Giannis, the mastermind behind this project, has since gone on to form a similar destructive outfit called Menometrorrhagia which more or less heads down the same path of Nx5. Intrapulmonary Decay was the final and, in my opinion, the strongest release of Nx5.


Academic Worms - Consciência Respeito (2012)

Academic Worms are a long-running grindcore / noisecore band from Mirassol, São Paulo, Brazil. Since the early-mid 90s they've been playing political and noisy grind, and have been involved in the underground scene. Musically, most of their material has been comparable to the mostly the legendary Spanish band Violent Headache, as well as Agathocles, Fear of God, Rot, Psychoneurosis, Cripple Bastards or Denak. Their occasional noisecore bursts are very reminiscent of the early late 80s scene. Summed up, AxWx plays simplistic and genuinely raging noisy grind heavily rooted in the music and ethos of hardcore/punk. Consciência Respeito is the first band new E.P. from the band after they had been on a brief hiatus for a little while. The links was kindly uploaded to share from the band directly.


Whoresnation - Whoresnation LP (2012)

Whoresnation is a grindcore band from Besançon, France. Previously they played something closer old-style crustgrind, but since this LP, there's been more a 'modern grind' sort of sound. Bands like Nasum, Sayyadina, Afgrund, Splitter, Gadget, Cyness, The Arson Project, Noisear or Defeatist come to mind in terms of musical similarities. As with the above bands, there are quite a few dark melodious moments as well as some minimal death metal tones yet still delivering a vicious, raging, grinding and crusting assault of blasting. This is the first full-length from the band and was co-released on LP by a number of different labels. The band was kind enough to provide a free (or pay what you like) download of the full album.