Saturday, 30 June 2012

Praia De Vômito - Entire Discography

Praia De Vômito - literally meaning 'beach vomiting' in Portuguese - was a political noisecore band from Legião, Brazil. They were undoubtedly one of authentic noise of the past while and truly brought back the feeling - as well as beliefs - of the early days of the genre. A well-blended mix of grind classics, such as Fear of God, early Agathocles, Rot, Violent Headache, Sore Throat, Extreme Noise Terror, Unseen Terror and even a touch of Napalm Death's glory days and classic Scandinavian hardcore are instantly brought to mind.

This resembles REAL old-school noisecore; long before well the sub-sub-genre turned into a pile of sexist idiocy as per that garbage of Anal Cunt and Meat Shits (fuck off!). So what I mean to say is Praia De Vômito is playing what noise-core literally means, not noise with instruments and not short burst farts. As you can see on their pages, they are highly involved in radical left-wing politics as well as activism and are highly commendable for including such important modern-day socio-political issues into their noise. Anyway, it's really a loss to the scene that these guys called it quits before even really getting much attention, but take note if you have some false conception of what noisecore is about and enjoy the free downloads the band members has put up on their blog.


Bestial Vomit & Cannibe - Split CD-R (2006)

Bestial Vomit is a noisecore band from Roma / Dragoncello / Berlino, Italy and Cannibe is a goregrind band from Sardinia, Italy. For those who are familiar with Cannibe, there are no surprises on their side of the split; some noisy, goofy and kinda bizarre goregrind that has structural similarities closer to a lesser frantic noisecore than traditional gore. On the Bestial Vomit side, there is some of the finest noisecore you will ever hear. Hard to really do them justice without sounding like an idiot but I can say that it's insanely goofy, noisy, sloppy, yet primitive, intensive, savage and embodies total DIY. There are obvious major influences coming from all facets of old-school grind, such as from crustgrind, goregrind and also mincecore. BxVx is definitely NOT just another 5-second song noisecore band, this is some of the most authentic punishing old-school grind, and it brings who brings forth all the best element of the genre. Here the split CD-R between the two Italian bands, which was released on Lo-Fi Records (the label run by members of BxVx).


Friday, 29 June 2012

Headless Death - Demo (2011)

Headless Death is a deathgrind band from Melbourne, Australia. They're definitely recognizable as playing in the old-style of the genre, although taking influence from the likes of seemingly opposite scenes - like Repulsion or Impetigo, to Assück or Discordance Axis - as well as a handful of classic pulverizing death metal. But these aussies undoubtedly bring forth their own unique flavor of intensity, mixing everything together with nice combination of new meets old and baring obvious similarities to the aussie grind scene as a whole. Some very crushing yet eerie and dark tones here, be sure to keep an eye out for this band. Here is their release ever, a self-released demo depicting their name's sake.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Grimace & Shooting Spree - Westcoast Greasy Roadtrip 2012

Grimace are a quirky mincecore band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and Shooting Spree is a vicious grindcore / powerviolence band Squamish, B.C., Canada. Grimace silly, ridiculous, heavy, catchy, slightly fastcore-influenced and yes, take their name from that horrible fat purple hairy idiot who poses naked for mcmurder. On the other end of the spectrum, Shooting Spree take an absolutely no mid-paced shit approach and just gets straight to ripping your head off only to turn into a nutritious smoothie later on. Shooting Spree is, in my view, one of the most intensive grind bands in Canada at the moment.

Anyway, this will be the second ever tour experience for Grimace and the first ever tour experience for Shooting Spree, so if you have any sort of 'grind logic' you will be at some these shows have loads of fun, right!? Seriously, I cannot even express how crucial it is to attend these shows and support real fucking DIY no bullshit grind if you can. Also, please help with booking if you're able to by contacting either bands at their respective pages that I liked above. Dates obviously subject to some change and you can find the fartbook event page thing for the tour over HERE.


Obacha & Skuff - Westcoast Tour 2012

Obacha are from Squamish, B.C., Canada and Skuff are from Kamloops, B.C., Canada. Both bands playing absolutely pumelling yet quirky fastcore / powerviolence. Major influences and musical comparisons for both could be identified as most early Westcoast and Slap-A-Ham powerviolence, such Capitalist Casualties, Infest, Neanderthal, Lack of Interest and to a lesser degree, Crossed Out and No Comment. Mixing this with the goofiness / spastic nonsense of newer fastcore is then more or less what they resemble or replicate - and they do it very well!

Anyway, this is not the first time Obacha will be on tour - they've done some mini-tours in Canada as far as I know - but this is the first tour experience for Skuff and the first time either will be touring in the states. Although both are not terribly new bands, they're still pretty unknown, so please make the effort to go out and see these awesome bands.

Please help these dudes out with booking if you can by contacting them at their respective page or at: obacha AT hotmail DOT CA and harrisondempsey3 AT gmail DOT COM. Dates obviously subject to some change.

September 10th Seattle w/ TOTES BRUTE
September 12th Sacramento w/ CAULFIELD
September 13th Oakland w/ CHETWRECKER
September 14th San Fransisco w/ ORDSTRO
September 15th San Jose w/ DEAD PRESSURE,
September 16th San Luis Obipsbo w/ HONDURAN
Septemer 17th day off
September 18th Oxnard w/ SORDO
September 19th LA
September 20th OC w/ TENSION, BRIDGE
September 21st LA w/ DEADISSUE
September 22nd Bakersfield
September 23rd Fresno w/ ????
September 24th Oakland w/ STARES
September 25th Reno
September 27th Tacoma

Monday, 25 June 2012

Pneumoblastoma - Streptococcal Septicemia (2011)

Pneumoblastoma is a one-man pathological gorenoise band from Campbell River, B.C., Canada. First off, this is one of the many side-project of Andy from the mighty Hyperemesis, so naturally, you are right to expect absolute devastation. Pneumoblastoma is in the vein of later Last Days Of Humanity, Biocyst, Urine Festival, Bacteriophagia, Tumor, Anal Birth, etc. However, unlike most gorenoise, there is a huge pulverizing scoop of filthy crust tones added - much like Autophagia. And this combination of a chaotic and relentless wall of thick noise with a crust intensity at rapid speeds makes it stand out and bring about further depths of utter filth in the gorenoise genre. Here is one of a few of the self-released demo tapes, which is unfortunately is not for download in it's entirety but most of the tracks are downloadable.


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Famine - First World Problems (2012)

Famine is a 3-piece crustcore / d-beat band from Kamloops, B.C., Canada. They play in the straight-ahead really fucking crushing yet catchy vein of classics like Consume, Disrupt, Health Hazard, State of Fear, Warcollapse or Deformed Conscience, as well as showing resemblance to newer bands like Nuclear Death Terror, Massgrave or Visions of War. There's also a thick layering of early Japanese and Scandinavian d-beat influence. Some intense and well-executed rhythms in all aspects of the tunes, as well as strong socio-political and environmental themes; these dudes are really phenomenal in nailing and mixing these sounds / ideals together. Here is their first demo which was self-released by the band.


Crutch - Crutch EP (2011)

Crutch is a vegan powerviolence band from San Diego, California, USA. They play in the early first-wave style of the genre, reminiscent of straight-ahead pissed off, minimalist and pulverizing works of Crossed Out, No Comment or Neanderthal. Like their newer peers Breathing Fire, Scapegoat, Chest Pain, Sea of Shit or SFN they've got a slight bit more of grinding to their sound but are still not completely distant from hardcore. Definitely a phenomenal tip of the hat to the glory days of the genre, so make sure to keep your eye out for them. Here is their first self-titled EP, which was released by the band in 2011.


Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair - Contraception (2011)

Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair (no, that's not a typo) is a fastcore / powerviolence band from Glasgow, Scotland, UK. They play a minimal, heavy, pissed off and surprisingly, a not that fast brand of the genre(s), mostly comparable to a handful of the more humorous 625 Thrashcore bands and to a slightly lesser extent, the aussie Heist and Rupture. There's also some similarities to late 90s / early 2000s kinda modern really angry hardcore, such as Left For Dead or Haymaker and a dash of occasional experimental-ish / weird sounding vibes. Lyrically, seems that they write ironically about love and relationships. Anyway this is good stuff, I just wish it was a lot faster and spastic, because that's the only complaint here. Here's their first full-length, which was self-released and is still available from the band directly.


Short Walk - Don't Be One (2011)

Short Walk is a fastcore / powerviolence band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. They play a very raging and spastic cross between these two genres, and end up sounding pretty similar to the likes of Capitalist Casualties, Black Army Jacket, Fuck On The Beach, Hellnation, Lack Of Interest, etc. And although there is undoubtedly a significant amount of borrowing from the classics, Short Walk still carves out a sound of their own. So don't let the bizarre cover or the silly song titles fool you, this is some really pummeling yet catchy and well done fast quirky hardcore. Here is their self-released EP from 2011.


Couple Skate - Casual Encounters (2011)

Couple Skate was a mincegore band from Delaware, Ohio, USA. They highly resemble the stylings of classic mince, such as Dahmer, Abortion, Carcass Grinder or Denak, as well as newer bands like Archagathus or SMG. But unlike most mince, they've added a vomitous helping of old-school crusty goregrind; taking mainly after classics like Dead Infection or Regurgitate. Amazing combination between these two sub-sub-genres and these dudes do it exceptionally well. Highly addictive, catchy and humorous. Here is another one of their self-released EPs from 2011 and here's a slightly disturbing fact about this release; all the song titles were taken from real titles of craigslist posts in the casual encounters section.


Couple Skate - Raw & Grotesque (2011)

Couple Skate was a mincegore band from Delaware, Ohio, USA. They highly resemble the stylings of classic mince, such as Dahmer, Abortion, Carcass Grinder or Denak, as well as newer bands like Archagathus or SMG. But unlike most mince, they've added a vomitous helping of old-school crusty goregrind; taking mainly after classics like Dead Infection or Regurgitate. Amazing combination between these two sub-sub-genres and these dudes do it exceptionally well. Highly addictive, catchy and humorous. Here is their self-released 2011 EP.


Sordo - Collection 08-12 (2012)

Sordo is a 3-piece grindcore / powerviolence band from El Rio, California, USA. They mix the very goofy sounds of Spazz or Charles Bronson with slightly more serious stuff like Infest and Capitalist Casualties and then layer everything with a subtle heaping of mincing and grinding. Total DIY, drum and bass, very noisy, extremely ridiculous and almost seeming the distant cousin of goofy-as-fuck noisecore at times. Also, their bassist runs a really cool label / distro called DIY Noise that you should check out. Here is their compilation CD which gathers everything they've done from 2008 until 2012.


Menometrorrhagia - Menometrorrhagia EP (2012)

Menometrorrhagia is a two-man gorenoise band with one member in Salonica, Greece and the other in Moscow, Russia. This is some of the finest noise of it's kind in the sub-sub-genre these days; an extremely tight, vomitous, horrifying, brutal, pus-ridden slab of carnage. Main influences coming from Last Days Of Humanity, Anal Birth, Biocyst, Urine Festival or even the almighty Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage. Members are also behind the following projects: Inopexia, Nx5, Active Stenosis, Hydrocele, Hydropsy, etc. Here is their self-titled and self-released EP from 2012.


Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Donner Party - No, But Seriously Though?! (2007)

The Donner Party are a long-running thrashcore band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. They play in the vein of bands like Lärm, What Happens Next?, Mk-Ultra, Voetsek , LxExAxRxNx, DS-13, Scholastic Deth, Bones Brigade, etc. Very goofy, catchy and hard not to like. Here is their first full-length record from 2007.


Skuff - Demo (2012)

Skuff are a two-piece fastcore band from Kamloops, B.C., Canada. They play in the vein of more humorous fastcore / powerviolence; bands like Lack Of Interest, Charles Bronson, Spazz, Hellnation, No Comply, Godstomper or Slight Slappers. A fine healthy heaping of goofy, noisy, DIY drum and bass violence. Very catchy and impossible not to love, definitely a really cool band to keep your eye on. This is their third demo, which was self-released on tape in 2012.


Fetal Deformity - Demo 08 (2008)

Fetal Deformity is a pathological goregrind band from somewhere in Mexico. They play in the old-school vein of the genre and take major influence from classics like Dead Infection, Haemorrhage, Last Days Of Humanity or Regurgitate, as well as from newer bands like Autophagia, Oxidised Razor, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, etc. This is their first 3-song demo, self-released on CD-R in 2008.


Streptococcus Pyogenes, Anus Tumor, Intestinal Infection & Mixomatosis - 4-Way Split CD (2010)

Streptococcus Pyogenes is from Athens, Greece; Anus Tumour is from Delmenhorst, Lower Saxony, Germany; Intestinal Infection is from Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany; Mixomatosis is from Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain. All bands are goregrind and all of the bands are fantastic! This was released by a bunch of labels that discogs can tell you about here.


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Penile Dementia - 2009-2011 (2011)

Penile Dementia is a one-man gorenoise band from Espoo, Uusimaa, Finland. Although the name is arguably the most ridiculous of all time, this is actually some very chaotic and destructive noise. It is comparable to bands like Anal Birth, Biocyst, Urine Festival, Tumour or Vomitoma and a lot of old-school noisecore as well. Quite heavy and noisy, a healthy dose of comedy, and surprisingly, some of the more audible gorenoise out there. Here is a digital release that compiles of all the material up until 2011 and was kindly made available for free download by the Finnish maniac behind this project.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

Garabato - No Hay Futuro, Mátate! (2012)

Garabato are a noisecore band from Colombia. They play in the old-school vein of the genre, comparable to  7 Minutes Of Nausea or Sore Throat; straight ahead harsh blasting, noisy micro-songs, no bullshit and a healthy dose of stupid humor. This is definitely guaranteed to destroy your hearing! Here is their third full-length CD which I believe was also self-released.


Garabato - Saca La Basura (2006)

Garabato are a noisecore band from Colombia. They play in the old-school vein of the genre, comparable to  7 Minutes Of Nausea or Sore Throat; straight ahead harsh blasting, noisy micro-songs, no bullshit and a healthy dose of stupid humor. This is definitely guaranteed to destroy your hearing! Here is their second full-length CD which I believe was also self-released.


Garabato - Daño Cerebral Serio (2000)

Garabato are a noisecore band from Colombia. They play in the old-school vein of the genre, comparable to  7 Minutes Of Nausea or Sore Throat; straight ahead harsh blasting, noisy micro-songs, no bullshit and a healthy dose of stupid humor. This is definitely guaranteed to destroy your hearing! Here is their first full-length CD which I believe was also self-released.


Prepare For The Mindscan - Hidden Agenda (2012)

Prepare For The Mindscan are a two-man powerviolence band with one member from New York, USA and the other in Hong Kong, Japan. They're fairly unique for the genre as they blend a lot of additional influences together - such as hardcore, grindcore and black/death metal - and it ends up sounding pretty neat! The band is still relatively new but have some new releases hopefully coming out shortly and you can contact them at: prepareforthemindscan AT gmail DOT COM. Here is their second release ever, the 'Hidden Agenda' EP.


Cheap Art - Cheap Art E.P. (2012)

Cheap Art are a powerviolence band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Unlike a lot of bands in the genre, they're   very in touch with early American-style hardcore - obviously the precursor to the genre - in their influences, which has be done similarly by bands like Mind Eraser. Very catchy, heavy and the best of both worlds for those who like hardcore and powerviolence equally. Here is their first self-titled EP for listen / download on their bandcamp.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Agathocles - 20 Songs 7'' EP (2012)

Agathocles needs NO introduction. The 20 songs EP doesn't really have any surprises, it's the same old AXG but it's astounding to see that the guys can still churn out brand new material in 2012 and have it sound as pulverizing, heavy and catchy as they always have. Proof that AXG will never die! The EP was self-released by the band and there are two different pressings of it (purple, seen above, and red).


Decontrol - The Final War (2004)

Decontrol were a d-beat band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. They have pretty typical elements of d-beat - writing exclusively about war and taking heavy influence from Anti-Cimex, Discharge, Mob 47, Totalitär, etc. - however, Decontrol is significantly more fast-paced and catchy than a-typical d-beat. The Final War was their 3rd and last full-length CD and was released by the American, Hardcore Holocaust Records.


Vomitoma - A Liquid Harvest Of Putrefied Stomach Contents (2009)

Vomitoma is a one-man gorenoise band from Byesville, Ohio, USA. Formed in 2008, the project is bass and drums, is exceptionally noisy, disgusting and has vocals that resemble a mutinous sewer creature (that is a compliment). They're very much comparable to Last Days Of Humanity, Anal Birth, Urine Festival, HxAxSx, Tumour, etc. This is their first full-length CD, which was released by the Mexican, Alarma Records.


Friday, 8 June 2012

Deche-Charge - Entire Discography

Deche-Charge are a legendary noisecore 2-piece from Quebec, Canada. Formed admittedly as a joke in 1990, they set out to try and surpass the likes of Sore Throat and Napalm Death (mostly the song You Suffer!). You could say that they more or less achieved this; being on the first noisecore acts to cram A LOT of songs in to under 2-3 minutes and bring about a new age of ear-bleeding ridiculousness in the grind scene. Since their formation, the guys have been very consistent in churning out their noisy releases (mostly splits) and have made quite a name for themselves internationally.

Both Dan and Chain Saw and always were and still are extremely dedicated to undergrind noise, having also been members of Mesrine, Thinkshit, Anal Jackson, Fistfuck, Dis-Eased, S.G.N., Retarted Rooster, Demolish and the like. The releases and recordings are a little less frequent these days, but they still gig occasionally around Quebec and I'm sure would love to do a split with your noisecore band if you can keep up with their ear destruction! Anyway, the guys were nice enough to upload the entirety of their releases on their blog, so download until you can't take anymore and order some of releases for cheap that stand out to you from the band directly.


Thursday, 7 June 2012

Birth & Hyperemesis - Split CD (2012)

Birth are an old-style goregrind three-piece band from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA and Hyperemesis is a one-man pathological goregrind band from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Both bands play in a very similar vein; an absolutely disgusting, noisy, crusty, primitive and relentlessly pulverizing form of old-school crusty goregrind that is comparable to classics like Dead Infection, Last Days Of Humanity, Regurgitate, Lymphatic Phlegm, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Autophagia or even Warsore. Lyrically, Birth displays cheesy b-movie gore goodness but adamant of expressing their anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-oppressive views, while Hyperemesis thematically is centered on pathology that appears to be pulled straight out of a medical textbook. The split was the very first release for Regurgitative Noise Records - a brand new DIY goregrind label formed by the vocalist and drummer of Birth.


Arsonfest #11 - August 10th & 11th 2012

For those of you that are still unaware, Arsonfest is probably one of the most amazing festivals for extreme music that Canada has to offer and as it states at the top of the flyer, also one of the longest-running - this will be the 11th year! Loads of phenomenal bands have played the fest over the years, including Bloody Phoenix, The Endless Blockade, Mudlark, Hard Charger, Kursk, Wolbachia Six Brew Bantha, DFA, Rape Revnge, Noose, Sick / Tired, Powercup, G.O.D., Half Gorilla, Big Trouble In Little China, Haggatha, Dianoga and so on.

Arsonfest is and always has been organized entirely DIY (mostly by the bands themselves), 100% non-profit (all money garnered goes to benefit some cause or organization, this year the proceeds will go to Sisters in Spirit), and is pretty much what any sensible grinder within relative distance of Winnipeg (obviously, Canada's grinding capital!) looks forward to every summer. Anyway, the lineup this time around is nothing short of incredible - as you can see for yourself below - so please do yourself a favor while it's still early enough, and; schedule your road-trip with some pals, book time off work and get stoked for the most exciting underground grind extravaganza you will likely ever experience in North America. Details are all on the flyer, lineup specifics is obviously subject to some minor change and fartbook event page coming soon.

DAY I (Friday, August 10th)
Enabler (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Archagathus (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
The Great Sabatini (Montreal, Quebec)
Bridgeburner (Kamloops, BC)
Burning Ghats (Vancouver, BC)
Violent Gorge (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Honor & Devour (no info)

DAY II (Saturday, August 11th)
Northless (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Misanthropic Noise (Hartford, Connecticut) 
Violent Restitution (Vancouver, BC)
Putrescence (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Gowl (Hartford, Connecticut)
Cetascean (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Scab Smoker (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Flash Out (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Plague (no info)

Triple Dewormint - Entire Discography

Triple Dewormint is a three-piece gorenoise band from Moskva, Russia. Formed in 2006, they play a very filthy sounding form of gorenoise that takes obvious influence from crust, cybergrind, goregrind, noisecore and mixed everything into a mechanically charged mess of vomitous bodily fluids. Other bands they'd be comparable to would be Last Days Of Humanity, Tumor, Anal Birth, Microphallus, HxAxSx, Vomitoma, Urine Festival, Phyllomedusa, etc.

There is the use of a drum machine - which sounds quite obvious, I think on purpose - vocals with lots of nauseating effcts and even though there is real guitar and bass, it strangely sounds like both are programmed. There are also a fairly significant amount of 'groovy bits' in their writing, but there is certainly no skimping on blasts, polka beats or d-beats. Anyway, check out Triple Dewormint if you've never heard them; they are healthy and disgusting dose of primitive, goofy, heavy, mechanical and bizarre gorenoise!


Cetascean - Narwal Impalement Tour 2012

Cetascean are an anarchist crustcore band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The lineup is comprised of members from Archagathus, Violent Gorge, Loutish, Meatus and Deaddogs - thus, having a slight bit of mincery in their sound. They are still relatively new - having played mostly in and around the Winnipegosis area prior to this tour - but Cetascean are undoubtedly playing some devastating and crushing politically themed noise. 'Narwal Impalement tour' will be their second tour ever - first tour with dates outside Canada - and there are many dates in some smaller / less commonly visited Canadian towns, so PLEASE make the effort to go out, see them and grab some of their new records! Dates obviously subject to change and also, if you can help in any way with booking, contact them over here: cetasceancrust AT gmail DOT COM.

July 6th - Mpls
July 7th - Appleton
July 8th - Madison
July 9th - Chicago
July 10th - Milwaukee
July 11th - Fortwayne
July 12th - Lima
July 13th - Detroit
July 14th - London
July 15th - Hamilton
July 17th - Guelph
July 18th - Toronto
July 19th - Peterborough
July 20th - Ottawa
July 21th - Montreal
July 22nd - Sackville
July 24th + 25th - St. Johns
July 27th + 28th - Halifax
July 29th - Truro
July 30th - Charlottetown

August 1st - Montreal
August 11th - ARSONFEST

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hypo-Christians, Viscera & Pissed Cunt - 3-Way Split CD-R

Hypo-Christians are a goregrind band from Clute, Texas, USA; Viscera are a goregrind band from Modbury, Australia; Pissed Cunt are a noisecore band from Ostrava, Czech Republic. This split is full of noisy, lo-fi, heavy and pitch shifted goodness. Sorry I have very little info on the release other than that it rules, but I believe it was self-released by all three bands, appears to be a CD-R and no idea of the year it released.


Grimace - Prairie Grinder Tour 2012

Grimace are a mincecore band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. They're silly, ridiculous, heavy, catchy, slightly fastcore-influenced and yes, take their name from that horrible fat purple hairy idiot who poses naked for mcmurder. Still sort of not known that well, this will be the first ever tour for Grimace, so please make the effort to check out this fantastic mincing band; a total blast is guaranteed. Dates obviously subject to some change and send the guys a message to help with booking / set up more shows if you can, over HERE.
Also, the band has asked if kind grinders can help spread the word of the tour; feel free to repaste this post in its entirety or just share the tour event thinger on fartbook, HERE.

June 24- Winnipeg w/ Archagathus, Napalm Raid, Flash Out, Sabbatory
June 25- Brandon (HELP, STILL NEED A SHOW)
June 26- Regina w/ TBA
June 27- S'toon at the Dungeon w/ locals.
June 28- Edmonton w/ Second Yellow
June 29- Calgary w/ Anachronis?

I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - Entire Discography

I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua is a one-man noisecore / gorenoise band from Arizona, USA. Formed in 2008, they're mostly comparable to the classic DIY and lo-fi noisecore of the late 80s; 7 Minutes Of Nausea, Anal Massaker, Deche-Charge, Sore Throat, etc. But there's also some influence coming from later noisy goregrind, like Autophagia and Gore Beyond Necropsy. It's obviously an extremely ridiculous and nonsensical themed project - as most noisecore should be - with stupid references to and samples about weed, laughing at chihuahuas, some weird sexual appreciation of anthropomorphous squirrel-women and UFOs.

Also, unless you're some sort of overly pretentious animal rights person, you'll get that IWGYC is not in any way a supporter or encourager of animal abuse or cruelty nor does it even get a cheap laugh out of violence against animals. It's just your standard noisecore stupidity and seriously, who can't at least kind of admit that chihuahuas are one of the most yappy and ridiculously silly dogs on this planet. Anyway, I linked you to the IWGYC blog where you download everything of theirs and the other noisy projects of Skunk Carcass for free.


Monday, 4 June 2012

Slaughtergrave - Entire Discography

Slaughtergrave are mincecore / noisecore band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Formed in 2001, they're a very authentic old-school sounding band, paying homage to and pulling most musical and thematic influences from all historically notable genres that led up to the formation of grind (hardcore, d-beat, crust, even some crossover thrash) and obviously, most of the early grind sub-sub-genres themselves (crustgrind, noisecore, mincecore, goregrind). So, there's definitely something for everyone in this band - provided you're into or don't mind very fuzzy and noisy lo-fi recordings.

Slaughtergrave is not really a "serious political band" per se - they have quite a bit of healthy nonsensical goofiness going on as well - but they do make a point of opposing fascism, racisim, homophobia, nationalism, animal cruelty, etc. They do everything DIY and do not accept any money for their noise, only trades. Anyway, check Slaughtergrave out if you've never heard, they are loads of fun!


Malpractice Insurance - Demo 2011

Malpractice Insurance is a mincegore band from Los Angeles, California, USA. They combine the primitive, heavy and catchy mince of Agathocles, Rot or Dahmer with the disgusting and pathological tones of Dead Infection, General Surgery or Regurgitate. This sub-sub-genre combination works absolutely perfectly and surprisingly, I believe that Malpractice Insurance has been the first to execute this. It's been a fucking longtime coming for this genre crossover to materialize but, trust me when I say any fan of old-school grindcore will HIGHLY appreciate this band. You can write to the band and get their stuff / trade, etc at: malxinsurance AT gmail DOT COM This is their free 2011 3-track promotional demo.


Phyllomedusa - Entire Discography

Phyllomedusa is a one-man gorenoise / goregrind band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The entire theme of the band revolves exclusively around those glorious amphibian species of creatures we all adore - FROGS! - and in an extremely misanthropic tone that dictates the superiority of frogs to the worthless human race (and I cannot say I fully disagree). Musically, Phyllomedusa is very much comparable to Last Days Of Humanity, as well as Autophagia, Embryonic Cryptopathia, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Anal Birth, Biocyst, or Tumor. It is fast, pulverizing, dirty, chaotic and noisy crust-laden goregrind, layered with a heap of disgusting vocals.

"Big frog" - the published national geographic frog photographer and informal Herpetologist behind the croaking noise - also plays in a number of other goregrinding and frog loving side-projects that you can find albums of in the link below, but Phyllomedusa is his main focus. And he was nice enough to put all his extensive noise up for free, so the link below will take you to the blog where big frog has posted all his works for free. Enjoy and order some stuff from him if you dig it (or at least donate some money to a frog sanctuary!).


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Agitate & Minimum Wadge Assassins - East Coast Tour 2012

Agitate are a wrestling / weed inspired 2-piece mincegrind band from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and Minimum Wadge Assassins are a fastcore / mincegrind band from Dekalb, Illinois, USA. Both bands are; insanely heavy, packed to the brim with heartfelt antics, 100% mincetasticly approved and whom I believe are both embarking on tour for the first time ever. Some of these dates were supposed - and I think some still are - apart of that Six Brew Bantha / Agitate / Lt. Dan tour but with Six Brew Bantha's van issues, shit may have gotten a little reorganized. Anyway, please do yourself a favor; come out to one of these shows in a humble bearded man's lovely basement, have a blast and support your local DIY grinders.

Dates obviously subject to change and if you can be any help at all with booking, you can either contact the Agitate guys on their fartbook page HERE or the M.W.A. guys HERE.


Disleksick - Summer Eastcoast Canadian Tour 2012

Disleksick are a mincecore / noisecore band from London, Ontario, Canada. They conduct things in a manner that are harsh, goofy, pissed off, fun and will leave your ears and / or face bleeding. Disleksick also have a pretty impressive roster of bands they've done splits with under their belt; including stuff with Agathocles, Torturing Nurse (China), Deche-Charge (Canada), Gorgonized Dorks (USA), Pissdeads (Russia), THC (USA), Harsh Supplement (Canada), SMG (Malaysia), Paucities (USA), etc. David (their drummer / vocalist) is also the noisy individual behind the very lovely and noisy, Coffin Crawl Records. Anyway, this will not be their first tour shindig but please make sure to check them out at one of these dates, because I can guarantee you will have a blast.

Dates obviously subject to change. Also, please note the NEED HELP dates if you can book shit and act accordingly by sending an email to: cereghini_49 AT hotmail DOT COM.

August 17th - Fredricton NB- Bar Show + House Show (?)
August 18th - Halifax NS (NEED HELP)
August 19th - TBA (NEED HELP)
August 20th - Halifax NS- Early Garage Show + Bar Show
August 21st - Drive/Northern Quebec????? (NEED HELP)
August 22nd - Quebec City, PQ (w/ TBA)
August 23rd - Montreal, PQ (w/ TBA)
August 24th - Trois-Rivières, PQ w/ Violent Restitution


THECORPSEINTHECRAWLSPACE is a goregrind band from Russellville, Arkansas, USA. First off, this is one of the many projects of prolific basement goregrind artist, Bobby Maggard, so you can rightfully expect utterly disgusting and relentless goregrinding. Despite them often getting labelled as gorenoise, this is some of the most authentic early sounding goregrind out there; huge influence coming from the first two Carcass LP's in particular (right down to the song title-style), as well as Dead Infection, Necrony, Pathologist, Regurgitate and Ulcerous Phlegm.

Notable crust / hardcore influence, slight death metal layering, absolutely disgusting vocals and although there's a drum machine, it sounds incredibly realistic. Extremely well executed and highly recommended to anyone who knows and loves the early days of goregrind. Into The Crawlspace was released on CD-R by Maggard's own label, Regurgitated Stoma Stew Productions.


Loaded For Bear & Bizarre X - Split CD (2007)

Loaded For Bear is from Chicago, USA and Bizarre X from somewhere in Germany. Both bands play a goofy and quirky mixture of grindcore, powerviolence and fastcore; maybe comparable to a more grindcore version of the sillier early Slap-A-Ham or 625 Thrashcore bands. Loaded For Bear have a bit of a heavier grinding sound and have a bit more speed, while Bizarre X is slightly more mellow sounding although still fantastic and very catchy. Neither of two are really 'political' at all, but I noticed that Loaded For Bear appears to be quite involved in the social justice activism and Bizarre X adamantly makes a point of opposing sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. The split was release on both 12" LP and CD (this is the CD version) by a bunch of labels that discogs can tell you about.


Dissected & Hyperemesis - Split CD-R (2012)

Dissected is a pathological goregrind band from Peristeri, Greece and Hyperemesis is one-man pathological goregrind project from Campbell River, B.C., Canada. On this split, Dissected delivers an extremely noisy and raw live presentation of the genre and are, without a doubt, highly influenced by the old-school days of the genre; Carcass, Dead Infection, Last Days Of Humanity, Regurgitate, Pathologist, etc. and laden with themes pulled from medical pathological textbooks. Hyperemesis could be described in about the exact same way but they may be even be as disgustingly pathological, crusty and noisy as it gets. Their sound is also considerably more reminiscent of newer bands, like Autophagia, Lymphatic Phlegm and even almighty Warsore but certainly do not skimp on the influence of early bands either. The split was released on CD-R by the Greek, Deathforce Records - who is presumably run by members of Dissected.


Various Artists - Where's Your Beard? (1999)

Where's Your Beard? was a compilation tape released in 1999 by the fabulous, Mortville Records. It has 32 tracks and almost equals to about a song per band. Hopefully you will get into some grindcore from it, but despite the whole unbelievably amazing beard theme of this comp, I'm sad to say that none of the songs are about beards :(.


Miserable Absence Of Harmony - Diabolical Milking Mysticism (2012)

Miserable Absence Of Harmony is a one-man gorenoise band from Arad, Romania. Unlike most gorenoise - which typically sounds like someone recorded a toilet flushing with loads of distortion - M.A.O.H. sounds more like what one should expect from the literal meaning of gorenoise; old-school goregrind and noisecore blended together with plenty of disgusting sounds, a healthy dose of bizarrely ridiculous humor and samples galore. Diabolical Milking Mysticism was a self-released EP that was available for free download / CD-R and the themes clearly center on Immortal, cats and milk - even though I think Robi is vegan.


Miserable Absence Of Harmony - Retro Fever (2011)

Miserable Absence Of Harmony is a one-man gorenoise band from Arad, Romania. Unlike most gorenoise - which typically sounds like someone recorded a toilet flushing with loads of distortion - M.A.O.H. sounds more like what one should expect from the literal meaning of gorenoise; old-school goregrind and noisecore blended together with plenty of disgusting sounds, a healthy dose of bizarrely ridiculous humor and samples galore. Retro Fever was a self-released EP that was available for free download / CD-R and the obvious theme for this is kickin' it to the oldies (I can't believe I just wrote that).


Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Vanishing Act - Ludovico (2012)

The Vanishing Act is a deathgrind band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The band plays in an exceptionally unique style that blends the old-school deathgrind of Autopsy, Impetigo or Repulsion with the dark melodies of modern hardcore / screamo and a hint of goregrind influence; it's eerie, vile, emotional and visceral all at the same time. Ludovico is a self-released tape available soon from the band directly and is considerably more death metal influence than their previous works.