Tuesday, 5 June 2012

I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua - Entire Discography

I Will Guillotine Your Chihuahua is a one-man noisecore / gorenoise band from Arizona, USA. Formed in 2008, they're mostly comparable to the classic DIY and lo-fi noisecore of the late 80s; 7 Minutes Of Nausea, Anal Massaker, Deche-Charge, Sore Throat, etc. But there's also some influence coming from later noisy goregrind, like Autophagia and Gore Beyond Necropsy. It's obviously an extremely ridiculous and nonsensical themed project - as most noisecore should be - with stupid references to and samples about weed, laughing at chihuahuas, some weird sexual appreciation of anthropomorphous squirrel-women and UFOs.

Also, unless you're some sort of overly pretentious animal rights person, you'll get that IWGYC is not in any way a supporter or encourager of animal abuse or cruelty nor does it even get a cheap laugh out of violence against animals. It's just your standard noisecore stupidity and seriously, who can't at least kind of admit that chihuahuas are one of the most yappy and ridiculously silly dogs on this planet. Anyway, I linked you to the IWGYC blog where you download everything of theirs and the other noisy projects of Skunk Carcass for free.


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  1. hey buddy, thanks for the kind words and support. you nailed it right on the head with some things, especially the influence from Autophagia and GBN ! the blog isn't updated anymore, there are a handful of releases not on there. i am working more towards putting my things on actual discs! and started my own small label and distro. but i left the blog up of the old recordings. well thanks again, you can get in contact with me at my email for trades and sales, plus a growing list of distro stuff