Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Grimace - Prairie Grinder Tour 2012

Grimace are a mincecore band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. They're silly, ridiculous, heavy, catchy, slightly fastcore-influenced and yes, take their name from that horrible fat purple hairy idiot who poses naked for mcmurder. Still sort of not known that well, this will be the first ever tour for Grimace, so please make the effort to check out this fantastic mincing band; a total blast is guaranteed. Dates obviously subject to some change and send the guys a message to help with booking / set up more shows if you can, over HERE.
Also, the band has asked if kind grinders can help spread the word of the tour; feel free to repaste this post in its entirety or just share the tour event thinger on fartbook, HERE.

June 24- Winnipeg w/ Archagathus, Napalm Raid, Flash Out, Sabbatory
June 25- Brandon (HELP, STILL NEED A SHOW)
June 26- Regina w/ TBA
June 27- S'toon at the Dungeon w/ locals.
June 28- Edmonton w/ Second Yellow
June 29- Calgary w/ Anachronis?

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