Sunday, 3 June 2012

Disleksick - Summer Eastcoast Canadian Tour 2012

Disleksick are a mincecore / noisecore band from London, Ontario, Canada. They conduct things in a manner that are harsh, goofy, pissed off, fun and will leave your ears and / or face bleeding. Disleksick also have a pretty impressive roster of bands they've done splits with under their belt; including stuff with Agathocles, Torturing Nurse (China), Deche-Charge (Canada), Gorgonized Dorks (USA), Pissdeads (Russia), THC (USA), Harsh Supplement (Canada), SMG (Malaysia), Paucities (USA), etc. David (their drummer / vocalist) is also the noisy individual behind the very lovely and noisy, Coffin Crawl Records. Anyway, this will not be their first tour shindig but please make sure to check them out at one of these dates, because I can guarantee you will have a blast.

Dates obviously subject to change. Also, please note the NEED HELP dates if you can book shit and act accordingly by sending an email to: cereghini_49 AT hotmail DOT COM.

August 17th - Fredricton NB- Bar Show + House Show (?)
August 18th - Halifax NS (NEED HELP)
August 19th - TBA (NEED HELP)
August 20th - Halifax NS- Early Garage Show + Bar Show
August 21st - Drive/Northern Quebec????? (NEED HELP)
August 22nd - Quebec City, PQ (w/ TBA)
August 23rd - Montreal, PQ (w/ TBA)
August 24th - Trois-Rivières, PQ w/ Violent Restitution

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