Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cetascean - Narwal Impalement Tour 2012

Cetascean are an anarchist crustcore band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The lineup is comprised of members from Archagathus, Violent Gorge, Loutish, Meatus and Deaddogs - thus, having a slight bit of mincery in their sound. They are still relatively new - having played mostly in and around the Winnipegosis area prior to this tour - but Cetascean are undoubtedly playing some devastating and crushing politically themed noise. 'Narwal Impalement tour' will be their second tour ever - first tour with dates outside Canada - and there are many dates in some smaller / less commonly visited Canadian towns, so PLEASE make the effort to go out, see them and grab some of their new records! Dates obviously subject to change and also, if you can help in any way with booking, contact them over here: cetasceancrust AT gmail DOT COM.

July 6th - Mpls
July 7th - Appleton
July 8th - Madison
July 9th - Chicago
July 10th - Milwaukee
July 11th - Fortwayne
July 12th - Lima
July 13th - Detroit
July 14th - London
July 15th - Hamilton
July 17th - Guelph
July 18th - Toronto
July 19th - Peterborough
July 20th - Ottawa
July 21th - Montreal
July 22nd - Sackville
July 24th + 25th - St. Johns
July 27th + 28th - Halifax
July 29th - Truro
July 30th - Charlottetown

August 1st - Montreal
August 11th - ARSONFEST

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