Thursday, 7 June 2012

Triple Dewormint - Entire Discography

Triple Dewormint is a three-piece gorenoise band from Moskva, Russia. Formed in 2006, they play a very filthy sounding form of gorenoise that takes obvious influence from crust, cybergrind, goregrind, noisecore and mixed everything into a mechanically charged mess of vomitous bodily fluids. Other bands they'd be comparable to would be Last Days Of Humanity, Tumor, Anal Birth, Microphallus, HxAxSx, Vomitoma, Urine Festival, Phyllomedusa, etc.

There is the use of a drum machine - which sounds quite obvious, I think on purpose - vocals with lots of nauseating effcts and even though there is real guitar and bass, it strangely sounds like both are programmed. There are also a fairly significant amount of 'groovy bits' in their writing, but there is certainly no skimping on blasts, polka beats or d-beats. Anyway, check out Triple Dewormint if you've never heard them; they are healthy and disgusting dose of primitive, goofy, heavy, mechanical and bizarre gorenoise!


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