Thursday, 7 June 2012

Birth & Hyperemesis - Split CD (2012)

Birth are an old-style goregrind three-piece band from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA and Hyperemesis is a one-man pathological goregrind band from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Both bands play in a very similar vein; an absolutely disgusting, noisy, crusty, primitive and relentlessly pulverizing form of old-school crusty goregrind that is comparable to classics like Dead Infection, Last Days Of Humanity, Regurgitate, Lymphatic Phlegm, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Autophagia or even Warsore. Lyrically, Birth displays cheesy b-movie gore goodness but adamant of expressing their anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-oppressive views, while Hyperemesis thematically is centered on pathology that appears to be pulled straight out of a medical textbook. The split was the very first release for Regurgitative Noise Records - a brand new DIY goregrind label formed by the vocalist and drummer of Birth.


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