Friday, 8 June 2012

Deche-Charge - Entire Discography

Deche-Charge are a legendary noisecore 2-piece from Quebec, Canada. Formed admittedly as a joke in 1990, they set out to try and surpass the likes of Sore Throat and Napalm Death (mostly the song You Suffer!). You could say that they more or less achieved this; being on the first noisecore acts to cram A LOT of songs in to under 2-3 minutes and bring about a new age of ear-bleeding ridiculousness in the grind scene. Since their formation, the guys have been very consistent in churning out their noisy releases (mostly splits) and have made quite a name for themselves internationally.

Both Dan and Chain Saw and always were and still are extremely dedicated to undergrind noise, having also been members of Mesrine, Thinkshit, Anal Jackson, Fistfuck, Dis-Eased, S.G.N., Retarted Rooster, Demolish and the like. The releases and recordings are a little less frequent these days, but they still gig occasionally around Quebec and I'm sure would love to do a split with your noisecore band if you can keep up with their ear destruction! Anyway, the guys were nice enough to upload the entirety of their releases on their blog, so download until you can't take anymore and order some of releases for cheap that stand out to you from the band directly.


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