Thursday, 7 June 2012

Arsonfest #11 - August 10th & 11th 2012

For those of you that are still unaware, Arsonfest is probably one of the most amazing festivals for extreme music that Canada has to offer and as it states at the top of the flyer, also one of the longest-running - this will be the 11th year! Loads of phenomenal bands have played the fest over the years, including Bloody Phoenix, The Endless Blockade, Mudlark, Hard Charger, Kursk, Wolbachia Six Brew Bantha, DFA, Rape Revnge, Noose, Sick / Tired, Powercup, G.O.D., Half Gorilla, Big Trouble In Little China, Haggatha, Dianoga and so on.

Arsonfest is and always has been organized entirely DIY (mostly by the bands themselves), 100% non-profit (all money garnered goes to benefit some cause or organization, this year the proceeds will go to Sisters in Spirit), and is pretty much what any sensible grinder within relative distance of Winnipeg (obviously, Canada's grinding capital!) looks forward to every summer. Anyway, the lineup this time around is nothing short of incredible - as you can see for yourself below - so please do yourself a favor while it's still early enough, and; schedule your road-trip with some pals, book time off work and get stoked for the most exciting underground grind extravaganza you will likely ever experience in North America. Details are all on the flyer, lineup specifics is obviously subject to some minor change and fartbook event page coming soon.

DAY I (Friday, August 10th)
Enabler (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Archagathus (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
The Great Sabatini (Montreal, Quebec)
Bridgeburner (Kamloops, BC)
Burning Ghats (Vancouver, BC)
Violent Gorge (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Honor & Devour (no info)

DAY II (Saturday, August 11th)
Northless (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
Misanthropic Noise (Hartford, Connecticut) 
Violent Restitution (Vancouver, BC)
Putrescence (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Gowl (Hartford, Connecticut)
Cetascean (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Scab Smoker (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Flash Out (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
Plague (no info)

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