Monday, 25 June 2012

Pneumoblastoma - Streptococcal Septicemia (2011)

Pneumoblastoma is a one-man pathological gorenoise band from Campbell River, B.C., Canada. First off, this is one of the many side-project of Andy from the mighty Hyperemesis, so naturally, you are right to expect absolute devastation. Pneumoblastoma is in the vein of later Last Days Of Humanity, Biocyst, Urine Festival, Bacteriophagia, Tumor, Anal Birth, etc. However, unlike most gorenoise, there is a huge pulverizing scoop of filthy crust tones added - much like Autophagia. And this combination of a chaotic and relentless wall of thick noise with a crust intensity at rapid speeds makes it stand out and bring about further depths of utter filth in the gorenoise genre. Here is one of a few of the self-released demo tapes, which is unfortunately is not for download in it's entirety but most of the tracks are downloadable.


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