Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bestial Vomit & Cannibe - Split CD-R (2006)

Bestial Vomit is a noisecore band from Roma / Dragoncello / Berlino, Italy and Cannibe is a goregrind band from Sardinia, Italy. For those who are familiar with Cannibe, there are no surprises on their side of the split; some noisy, goofy and kinda bizarre goregrind that has structural similarities closer to a lesser frantic noisecore than traditional gore. On the Bestial Vomit side, there is some of the finest noisecore you will ever hear. Hard to really do them justice without sounding like an idiot but I can say that it's insanely goofy, noisy, sloppy, yet primitive, intensive, savage and embodies total DIY. There are obvious major influences coming from all facets of old-school grind, such as from crustgrind, goregrind and also mincecore. BxVx is definitely NOT just another 5-second song noisecore band, this is some of the most authentic punishing old-school grind, and it brings who brings forth all the best element of the genre. Here the split CD-R between the two Italian bands, which was released on Lo-Fi Records (the label run by members of BxVx).


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