Sunday, 24 June 2012

Couple Skate - Casual Encounters (2011)

Couple Skate was a mincegore band from Delaware, Ohio, USA. They highly resemble the stylings of classic mince, such as Dahmer, Abortion, Carcass Grinder or Denak, as well as newer bands like Archagathus or SMG. But unlike most mince, they've added a vomitous helping of old-school crusty goregrind; taking mainly after classics like Dead Infection or Regurgitate. Amazing combination between these two sub-sub-genres and these dudes do it exceptionally well. Highly addictive, catchy and humorous. Here is another one of their self-released EPs from 2011 and here's a slightly disturbing fact about this release; all the song titles were taken from real titles of craigslist posts in the casual encounters section.


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