Monday, 4 June 2012

Phyllomedusa - Entire Discography

Phyllomedusa is a one-man gorenoise / goregrind band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The entire theme of the band revolves exclusively around those glorious amphibian species of creatures we all adore - FROGS! - and in an extremely misanthropic tone that dictates the superiority of frogs to the worthless human race (and I cannot say I fully disagree). Musically, Phyllomedusa is very much comparable to Last Days Of Humanity, as well as Autophagia, Embryonic Cryptopathia, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Anal Birth, Biocyst, or Tumor. It is fast, pulverizing, dirty, chaotic and noisy crust-laden goregrind, layered with a heap of disgusting vocals.

"Big frog" - the published national geographic frog photographer and informal Herpetologist behind the croaking noise - also plays in a number of other goregrinding and frog loving side-projects that you can find albums of in the link below, but Phyllomedusa is his main focus. And he was nice enough to put all his extensive noise up for free, so the link below will take you to the blog where big frog has posted all his works for free. Enjoy and order some stuff from him if you dig it (or at least donate some money to a frog sanctuary!).


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