Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dissected & Hyperemesis - Split CD-R (2012)

Dissected is a pathological goregrind band from Peristeri, Greece and Hyperemesis is one-man pathological goregrind project from Campbell River, B.C., Canada. On this split, Dissected delivers an extremely noisy and raw live presentation of the genre and are, without a doubt, highly influenced by the old-school days of the genre; Carcass, Dead Infection, Last Days Of Humanity, Regurgitate, Pathologist, etc. and laden with themes pulled from medical pathological textbooks. Hyperemesis could be described in about the exact same way but they may be even be as disgustingly pathological, crusty and noisy as it gets. Their sound is also considerably more reminiscent of newer bands, like Autophagia, Lymphatic Phlegm and even almighty Warsore but certainly do not skimp on the influence of early bands either. The split was released on CD-R by the Greek, Deathforce Records - who is presumably run by members of Dissected.


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