Monday, 4 June 2012

Slaughtergrave - Entire Discography

Slaughtergrave are mincecore / noisecore band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Formed in 2001, they're a very authentic old-school sounding band, paying homage to and pulling most musical and thematic influences from all historically notable genres that led up to the formation of grind (hardcore, d-beat, crust, even some crossover thrash) and obviously, most of the early grind sub-sub-genres themselves (crustgrind, noisecore, mincecore, goregrind). So, there's definitely something for everyone in this band - provided you're into or don't mind very fuzzy and noisy lo-fi recordings.

Slaughtergrave is not really a "serious political band" per se - they have quite a bit of healthy nonsensical goofiness going on as well - but they do make a point of opposing fascism, racisim, homophobia, nationalism, animal cruelty, etc. They do everything DIY and do not accept any money for their noise, only trades. Anyway, check Slaughtergrave out if you've never heard, they are loads of fun!


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