Monday, 24 September 2012

Academic Worms - Consciência Respeito (2012)

Academic Worms are a long-running grindcore / noisecore band from Mirassol, São Paulo, Brazil. Since the early-mid 90s they've been playing political and noisy grind, and have been involved in the underground scene. Musically, most of their material has been comparable to the mostly the legendary Spanish band Violent Headache, as well as Agathocles, Fear of God, Rot, Psychoneurosis, Cripple Bastards or Denak. Their occasional noisecore bursts are very reminiscent of the early late 80s scene. Summed up, AxWx plays simplistic and genuinely raging noisy grind heavily rooted in the music and ethos of hardcore/punk. Consciência Respeito is the first band new E.P. from the band after they had been on a brief hiatus for a little while. The links was kindly uploaded to share from the band directly.


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