Monday, 24 September 2012

Nx5 - Intrapulmonary Decay (2012)

Nx5 is a one-man goregrind band from Thessaloníki, Greece. Formed in 2006 and ended in 2009, Nx5 had a handful of split and E.P. releases that were circulated through the underground gore scene. Sonically, influences draw not only from traditional goregrind but also from cybergore and gorenoise to create a really dense barrage of noisy pathological gore madness. The main influences, however, seem to be mostly bands like Last Days Of Humanity, Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage, Tumour, Bacteriophagia Urine Festival, etc. Giannis, the mastermind behind this project, has since gone on to form a similar destructive outfit called Menometrorrhagia which more or less heads down the same path of Nx5. Intrapulmonary Decay was the final and, in my opinion, the strongest release of Nx5.


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