Monday, 24 September 2012

Whoresnation - Whoresnation LP (2012)

Whoresnation is a grindcore band from Besançon, France. Previously they played something closer old-style crustgrind, but since this LP, there's been more a 'modern grind' sort of sound. Bands like Nasum, Sayyadina, Afgrund, Splitter, Gadget, Cyness, The Arson Project, Noisear or Defeatist come to mind in terms of musical similarities. As with the above bands, there are quite a few dark melodious moments as well as some minimal death metal tones yet still delivering a vicious, raging, grinding and crusting assault of blasting. This is the first full-length from the band and was co-released on LP by a number of different labels. The band was kind enough to provide a free (or pay what you like) download of the full album.


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