Thursday, 16 August 2012

Oniku - Bokujou (2012)

Oniku is a one-man goregrind band from Tokyo, Japan. Formed in 2006, Oniku plays absolutely crushing and straight-ahead old-school goregrinding; taking major influence from Carcass, Regurgitate, Dead Infection as well as newer bands like Autophagia or Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage. Also, a huge amount of crust and d-beat / hardcore influence prevalent within the noise. Despite this almost "cute" looking cover, Oniku is definitely one of the best newer goregrind bands going and are certainly one to keep an eye out for; delivering a full blast of disgusting, relentless and vomitous chaotic intensity. Bokujou is the first full-length of that band and was self-released on CD-R in 2012.


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