Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Column Of Heaven - Mission From God (2012)

Column Of Heaven are a powerviolence band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Formed in 2011 after The Endless Blockade split up, two of the members decided to carry on playing more or less where TEB left off; taking classic Westcoast powerviolence, like Crossed Out, MITB, Neanderthal or No Comment, and adding a modern feel with plenty of crushing sludge and layered power electronics. On this second release from CoH, there's far more old-style death metal influence than there was previously but other than that, it has all the same musical components that TEB and the first CoH demo had. And as per the style of TEB and the prior CoH release, there are some exceptionally eerie samples layered with either noise or creepy melodies.

Thematically, there is a slight bit of a shift in gear from the more esoteric, mystical and philosophical, because this is a concept album of sorts which focuses entirely on the larger societal, political and cultural turn of events and impacts that serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe, left in the UK after his brutal killings in the 70s and 80s. Mission Of God was released on both tape (self-released) and 12" LP (on the American label, SPHC). Also, the LP came with a tape titled Soldiers Field which is basically the band doing purely power electronics and is also available on the bandcamp linked below.


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