Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Arachnida - They Will Have Their Revenge (2009)

Arachnida is a one-man gorenoise project from somewhere in the USA. Sonically, it's most comparable to the thick, filthy and chaotic sounds of Bacteriophagia / Vomitoma; which makes me suspect Styv might be behind this project. Also many similarities to classic gorenoise, like Anal Birth, Biocyst, Urine Festival, HxAxSx, Enterorrhagia, etc. If you haven't guessed yet, the lyrical and conceptual themes revolve around our sinister and cunning spider friends. This tape is the first release of the project and was release by Sweet & Sour Sewage (another incarnation of Splatterfuck / Degenerate Slime) and Aimless Productions


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  1. Side-project from Neto (Thanatopsis, HxAxSx, Grylliphagia, Fecal Smear Test). It lived for only this release.