Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sakatat - Bir Devrin Sonu (2012)

Sakatat is a grindcore / mincecore band from Ankara / Istanbul, Turkey. They play straight-ahead, aggressive, completely oldschool and somewhat frantic mincing grindcore with main influence being Agathocles, Rot, Dahmer, Unholy Grave, Denak, Abortion, Carcass Grinder, etc. All their lyrics are in Turkish, which I am not fluent in, but in an interview Sakatat had said they consider themselves a political band - presumably in the same style done so by their influences.

Not really a whole lot else to say but they are some fantastically pulverizing newer mince done right from a country with hardly any grind scene and you probably already know them if you like this sort of stuff. Bir Devrin Sonu is the first full-length CD of the band - although short enough to be a demo - and was released on CD / LP by Everydayhate from Poland and Bring Of Gore from Belgium.


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