Sunday, 20 October 2013

Mermaid In A Manhole - Spiritual Advice From Mold And Spores (2002)

Mermaid In A Manhole was an American experimental goregrind/noisecore project. Named after the Guinea Pig film of the same name, MIAM was formed sometime around the late 90s/early 2000s by Steve Embryo (ex-Gynophagia, ex-Rapist With No Penis, Sewercunt, Gruesome Toilet, etc). MIAM has quite an extensive discography, most of which is on tape format in very small limitation. Embryo also ran a label called Kinetic Sleaze Productions, which put out quite a few of his own works. Each release sounds completely different, due in part to the fact that Embryo collaborated with a new artist on many different release. Styles range from noise to gorenoise to early 90s noisecore to cyber/electro-gore to name a few. There's a lot of styles/influences that are completely indescribable as well too.

"Spiritual Advice..." is a more cyber/electro-gore sounding release that includes lots of weird and interesting synthesized rhythms at a mid-pace with groovy/chunky guitar riffs. Probably the MIAM release with the most musical qualities. The collaborator on this was release was Kyle Prescott (ex-Dysmenorrheic Hemorrhage) who I believe provided the guitars. This is a rip of the original tape version, which was released in 2002 on Embryo's label, Kinetic Sleaze Productions. There is also 2003 reissue on CDr, which was picked up by Fecal-Matter Discorporated. This rip has the entire release on one track, if you want to devide it up into individual tracks.. the information is here.


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