Sunday, 7 October 2012

Snuff - Violence Solves Everything (2008)

Snuff is a grindcore band from Los Angeles, California, USA. Musically, they're most comparable to the mid-90s American grind sound of bands like Excruciating Terror, Enemy Soil, Plutocracy, Despise You Suppression, Benümb, etc. There's a definite high level of blistering and crushing heaviness with a healthy background layer of crust/hardcore. Lyrically, there's a little bit of a feeling mimicked from the style of Despise You but less in terms of politics and more violently blunt; that is, crime, violence, gang activity, drug war and overall misery. Although Snuff has been around for a little while, they still do not seem to be that known throughout the scene, so I hope these posts gets them some more deserved recognition. Violence Solves Everything was a self-released cd-r demo limited to 100 copies and was their first release ever.


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