Sunday, 25 November 2012

Intentional Vehicular Manslaughter - Demo (2012)

Intentional Vehicular Manslaughter - or IVM for short - is a goregrind band from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Formed in 2012 by members of Hyperemesis and Violent Restitution, IVM plays a slower sort of doom/death/sludge brand of goregrind in the vein of such bands as Bile (Skullhog) or Bowel Fetus. And of course, there is also a high dosage of crust and mincecore tinge to the music. Extremely crushing and heavy yet still very catchy and upbeat at times and as you may have already picked up on, the lyrics are about gore due to being run over by some sort of motor vehicle. Anyway this is some really well executed stuff, it's just a shame more bands don't do the slow/sludgy goregrind thing because it really fucking works well. The tape was put on Andy's label, Trash Bag Tapes.


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