Sunday, 4 November 2012

Paucities - Four Quick Minces (2011)

Paucities is a mincecore band from Chicago, Illinois, USA. They play straight-ahead, no bullshit, quirky mincing inspired by the likes of Agathocles, Rot or Unholy Gave and display high similarities to their peers; Archagathus, Violent Gorge, Lt. Dan, Pizzahifive, Misanthropic Noise, Powercup, Disleksick, Agitate, Faction Disaster, etc. Members also play in the fastcore band, Sick/Tired as well as harsh noise / experimental acts Winters in Osaka and Urine Cop. You can listen to more of their minces on the bandcamp. The tape was released by Pickle Dick Records who sadly does not have a page but is releasing some killer stuff as of late.


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