Sunday, 1 April 2012

Active Stenosis & Hyperemesis - Split Tape

Active Stenosis is a goregrind two-piece from Thess / Niki, Greece (formally from Russia) and Hyperemesis is one-man pathological goregrind project from Campbell River, B.C., Canada. Both bands can undoubtedly be classified as being in the old-school vein of the genre, however, Active Stenosis - who plays a crusty and pummeling breed of the genre with really incredible riffs - has been referred to as 'cyber-goregrind' - which, really, is no different than regular goregrind but has some weird effects on the guitars to make it sound like you're dissecting a corpse on a space shuttle. On Active Stenosis side of this  Hyperemesis is about as disgustingly pathological, crusty and noisy as it gets, extremely reminiscent of Autophagia, Lymphatic Phlegm and even almighty Warsore. Personally, Hyperemesis is THE most unbelievably killer band to arise out of the goregrind in the past 10-12 years, so do yourself a favor if you love true goregrind and give them a listen or better yet, order some tapes from the genius behind this project, Andy.


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