Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Violent Gorge, Bestial Vomit & Bachelor Weekend - 3-Way Split Tape

Violent Gorge is a mincecore band from Winnipeg, Canada; Bestial Vomit is a mincecore / noisecore band from Roma, Italy; Bachelor Weekend is a noisecore band also from Winnipeg, Canada. All bands on this tape are extremely noisy, lo-fi and in my opinion, doing it the best of anyone in the scene today. I think this might be sold out now, but you can write to Aggressive Valley Tapes (joewarkentin AT hotmail DOT COM)which is run by Joe of Violent Gorge and a million other fantastic bands, for those that don't know. I encourage you to put down a full $3 and order it if you can, support true DIY grind for musical destruction!


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