Friday, 13 April 2012

Forward Ohio 2012

"What is Forward Ohio? Forward Ohio is a yearly traveling punk music festival. Along with offering all ages music, workshops and zine/book distros, Forward Ohio raises money for local charities in each host city."

Here's the Fartbook Page, the Fartbook Event and below I posted all the lineup / venue information.

FORWARD OHIO 2012 (First Part)

Saturday, April 21st, 2012
2:00pm at Chop Chop Gallery (Opal Stackhouse)
78 Parsons Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43215

SILO (Ohio Hardcore)
SICK FIX (D.C. Hardcore)
EDDIE BROCK (Baltimore Fastcore)
HEARTLESS (Pittsburgh Hardcore)
BACKSLIDER (Philly Fastcore)
GRIN AND BEAR IT (Cleveland Grind)
HIGHER FIVES (johnstown, pa punk)
NERVOSAS (columbus punk/members of ex whites and new creases)
POWER ABUSE (Columbus Hardcore)
LOCUSTA (Columbus Death Metal)
- All Ages!
- $10 at the door
- No Booze!
- Charity Raffle Prizes

Then we'll move across the street for the second part.

FORWARD OHIO 2012: Second Part
Saturday, April 21st, 2012
9:00pm at Carabar
115 Parsons Avenue
Columbus, Ohio

FACE VALUE (Cleveland Hardcore legends)
NUKKEHAMMER (Ohio ripping D-Beat/Hardcore)
DELAY (cbus pop punk)
MASAKARI (Cleveland Metallic Hardcore)
COP HUGGER (Athens Punk)
- All Ages!
- Free Show!

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