Sunday, 29 July 2012

Bridge - Red Hands (2012)

Bridge is a powerviolence band from Orange County, California, USA. They play a very pulverizing, heavy and therefore, very grindy form of powerviolence. Musically comparable to a lot of newer powerviolence / fastcore, such as Mind Eraser, Coke Bust, Punch, Extortion, ACxDC, SFN, Sea Of Shit, Eddie Brock, The Afternoon Gentlemen as well as classics like Capitalist Casualties, Crossed Out and Lack Of Interest. Great catchy yet pulverizingly destructive songs, a raging female vocalist and all around negative life-hating vibes; definitely a fantastic band of the genre to keep your eye on. Red Hands is the first EP of the band which was released on tape on also 7" I think.


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