Thursday, 19 July 2012

Decayed Race - Demo (2011)

Decayed Race is a powerviolence band from San Marcos, Texas, USA. They play in a darker vein of the genre, most comparable to Despise You or Hatred Surge. However, there are still many influences prevalent of more classic sounding powerviolence; notably, Crossed Out or even the not too distant mid-90s grinders, Excruciating Terror. A lot of genuinely pissed off and raging vibes that come through very cohesively and lyrically, themes dabble in the misery of daily living for the severely unprivileged in the West - both very much like the above mentioned bands, again particularly like Despise You. A slab of some seriously real and hateful powerviolence. This demo tape is the first release ever of the band, which was self-released and limited to 75 copies.


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