Saturday, 7 July 2012

THECORPSEINTHECRAWLSPACE - Purulent Embryectomy (2009)

THECORPSEINTHECRAWLSPACE is a goregrind band from Russellville, Arkansas, USA. First off, this is one of the many projects of prolific basement goregrind artist, Bobby Maggard, so you can rightfully expect utterly disgusting and relentless goregrinding. Despite them often getting labelled as gorenoise, this is some of the most authentic early sounding goregrind out there; huge influence coming from the first two Carcass LP's in particular (right down to the song title-style), as well as Dead Infection, Necrony, Pathologist, Regurgitate and Ulcerous Phlegm.

Notable crust / hardcore influence, slight death metal layering, absolutely disgusting vocals and although there's a drum machine, it sounds incredibly realistic. Extremely well executed and highly recommended to anyone who knows and loves the early days of goregrind. Purulent Embryectomy was released by the infamous Greek label, Septic Aroma Of Reeking Stench.


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