Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Six Brew Bantha - Six Brew Bantha LP (2012)

Six Brew Bantha is an vicious grindcore / powerviolence band from Victoria, B.C., Canada. They seriously play some of the most violent and destructive sounding noises you will ever hear out of Canada, comparing highly to the likes of other fast-as-fuck and powerviolence / fastcore leaning noise, such as Insect Warfare, Suppression, Gride, Lycanthrophy or Noisear, as well as sounding pretty similar to newer bands like Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Spoonful Of Vicodin, Pizza Hi-Five, The Afternoon Gentlemen, Suffering Mind, California Love, In Disgust, etc. Blazing speeds, unbelievably spastic song structures / tempo changes, pure unadulterated and relentless grinding brutality; SBB is no doubt some of the most ferocious grind you will hear. Here is their first full-length LP which was self-released by the band.


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