Monday, 7 May 2012

Archagathus - Coffee Grinder (2011)

Archagathus is a mincecore band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They sound exactly like Agathocles and Rot, to the finest detail; simple and catchy but heavy songs with two riffs maximum, blast beats, d-beats, polka beats, duel-vocal trade offs (one being a pitch-shifter) and made by socio-politically conscious and lovable punx. The only difference between Agathocles and Rot is that Archagathus have overly stupid yet amazing song titles that mostly have a ridiculous adjective and noun combination - like Untrustworthy Physician or Horrible Person, for example - and really hilarious lyrics to go with them. It's like mincing mad libs, almost. Members of Archagathus also currently play in Violent Gorge, Skeleton, Loutish, Under Pressure, Head Hits Concrete, Wolbachia, Cetascean, Bachelor Weekend and used to play in Kursk. Dan runs Don't Fear The Night Tapes and Joe runs Aggressive Valley Tapes, both of which are fantastic labels / distros. Coffee Grinder was a 12" LP released by the mighty Bringer Of Gore label from Belgium, and it includes some of the coolest art ever.


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