Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Violent Restitution - Grate The State Tour 2012

Violent Restitution - formally known as Degenerative Myelopathy and now, the album / song title by Razor - are a heavy as fuck 3-piece mincegrind band from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. They're female-fronted and have a female guitarist, which is awesome and sadly, not something you see too much of the grind scene these days. Still a relatively new band - although they've been gigging quite a bit in B.C. - this will be be the first ever tour for the band, and I'm personally ecstatic that they've book as many dates for themselves as they have; my hope is that more people get into them after this tour, as they fucking rule. Anyway, one and a half months is plenty amount of time for you, the grinding fan, to go out and check out a ridiculously fantastic band, so I really really recommend you fucking DO IT! Dates are obviously subject to some change.

For information about the tour or if you can help with booking, contact the band at: ur_ass_is__grass AT hotmail DOT COM.

Aug 3rd - Vancouver, BC W/ TBA
Aug 4th - Kamloops, BC w/ Rape Revenge
Aug 5th - NOT SURE?
Aug 6th - Calgary, AB
Aug 7th - Edmonton, AB w/ Messiahlator
Aug 8th - Saskatoon, SK
Aug 9th - Brandon, MB
Aug 10th - Winnipeg, MB ARSONFEST w/ Northless,Gowl
Aug 11th - Winnipeg , MB ARSONFEST w/ Misanthropic Noise, Archagathus
Aug 12th - Thunderbay, ON w/ Fuck the Facts, Mares of Thrace
Aug 13th - Sault St. Marie, ON w/ Fuck the Facts
Aug 14th - Sudbury, ON
Aug 15th - Ottawa, ON W/ Annoize
Aug 16th - Montreal, QC
Aug 17th - Drummondville, QC - Attending GRIND YOUR MIND FEST
Aug 18th - Drummondville, QC - Attending GRIND YOUR MIND FEST
Aug 19th - Moncton, NB
Aug 20th - Halifax, NS - Napalm Raid
Aug 21st - Halifax, NS -
Aug 23rd - Fredericton, NB
Aug 24th - Trois Riviere, QC w/ Deche-Charge, Disleksik
Aug 25th - CHILL DAY
Aug 26th - CHILL DAY
Aug 27th - Montreal, QC
Aug 28th - Montreal, QC w/ Powecup
Aug 29th - Kemptville, ON
Aug 30th - Oshawa, ON
Aug 31st - Peterborough, ON w/ G.O.D.

Sept 1st - Toronto, ON w/ G.O.D.
Sept 2nd - London, ON w/ Disleksik
Sept 3rd - Windsor, ON
Sept 4th - CHILL DAY
Sept 5th - North Bay, ON
Sept 6th - Thunderbay, ON
Sept 7th - Winnipeg, MB
Sept 8th - Winnipeg, MB - FOUL COPSE FEST w/ Archagathus, Violent Gorge
Sept 9th - Saskatoon, SK W/ Grimace
Sept 10th - Calgary, AB w/ Rape Revenge
Sept 11th - Kamloops, BC
Sept 12th - Squamish, BC
Sept 13th - Victoria, BC
Sept 14th - Vancouver - Matinee Show

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