Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Exogorth - Demo (2009)

Exogorth is a mincegrind band from Seattle, Washington. They write almost exclusively about sci-fi, weed and Star Wars and as such, took their name from some weird shark / whale Star Wars creature who I've never even heard of up until now. Both musically and lyrically, Exogorth is definitely identifiable as belonging to the recent American mince contingent of bands, such as Lt. Dan, Pizza Hi-Five, Misanthropic Noise, Agitate, etc. This first CD-R demo of the band is pretty spastic, hyper and bizarre sounding - which, although a bit untraditional for mince, is quite refreshing - and they're still raging as fuck. Exogorth will definitely a band to keep your eye on if you appreciate mince and weirdness.



  1. hi, im in exogorth, and actually, the exogorth is a space slug from the empire strikes back, it was named by the artist who drew the creature for the film.

    grind on!