Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Exogorth & Totes Brute - Midwest / East Coast Tour 2012

Exogorth is a sci-fi themed and weed obsessed mincegrind band from Seattle, Washington, USA and Totes Brute are a bizarre grindcore / fastcore band also from Seattle, Washington, USA. This will be the first ever tour for both of these relatively new and fucking awesome bands, so make the effort to go out and see them if you can. You will NOT be disappointed, I promise.

Contact exogorth AT gmail DOT COM for tour information / help with booking.

July 4--Seattle, WA @ Cell Block E w/ Drunk Notes, Nudes, Mole Bowl
July 6--Seattle, WA @ The Mars Bar w/ tba
July 7--Missoula, MT (in progress)
July 10--Minneapolis, MN w/ CokSkar, Agitate, & Fuzzkill
July 11--Appleton, WI (in progress, probably w/ Neon Hole)
July 12--Milwaukee or Madison WI (NEED HELP)
July 13--Chicago, IL w/ Morbid Obesity
July 14--Jackson, MI: MICHIGAN GRINDFEST 2 @ Bird Alley
July 15--Cleveland, OH w/ Lt.Dan & THC probably
July 17--Buffalo, Ny w/ Inerds &/or Water Torture
July 18--Providence, RI @ The Funky Jungle w/ David Carradine & Insufferable Ingrate
July 19--Hartford, CT w/ David Carradine & Gowl
July 20--Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron w/ The Communion & Wake
July 21--New Brunswick, NJ
July 22--Baltimore, MD w/ Dekoder
July 23--Richmond, VA w/ MethLab &/or Street Pizza
July 25--Pittsburgh, PA @ The Belvedere, w/ Death First & Grudges
July 26--???, OH (NEED HELP)
July 27--Rockford or DeKalb, IL
July 28--Minneapolis w/ Scaphe
July 31--Spokane, WA

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