Wednesday, 16 May 2012

F.A.T.O. - 10 Year Anniversary Gig

This will be a very special night where we pay tribute to our friend Michal Majewski and the, would be, 10 year anniversary of Oshawa grindcore enthusiasts F.A.T.O.!

F.A.T.O. - The 3 remaining members will play a set full of new and old material, from the Welcome to Seaworld demo to some of the last songs ever written by the band. Don't miss the opportunity to remember this notorious Oshawa band and see these songs performed live for the first time in years! RIP Michal. ♥

HARD CHARGER - An unrelenting d-beat machine from Halifax! Heavy, angry, catchy as fuck. Crust 'n roll!

THE VANISHING ACT - This band from Ottawa takes the old school grindcore and death metal sound of bands such as Repulsion, Autopsy and Impetigo and mixes in dark hardcore melodies with flooring results! Their stage presence puts most bands to shame. Don't miss it!

OROKU SAKI NIGHTMARE - Brand new drums and bass powerviolence from PTBO. Stripped down, no bullshit, PV intensity!

10 PM - $5
59 King St. E., Oshawa, ON

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