Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Bowel Fetus & Biocyst - Split CD-R (2008)

Bowel Fetus is a goregrind band from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and Biocyst is a one-man gorenoise band from the Netherlands. Other than goregrind, Bowel Fetus play an interesting and very well done mixture of sludge and old-school death metal; the end result is somewhat similar to Bile / Skullhog but they've definitely got a sound of their own and I personally may even prefer it. For those that don't know, Biocyst is one of the many gore-soaked projects of the Dutch, Marc Palmen, whose played in Last Days Of Humanity, Faces Of Gore, Urine Festival, Fece-Vomitatie and who also runs two record labels: Through The Eyes Of The Hated Records and Klysma Records. His project Biocyst is straight-up ear torturing brutality; no breaks, no filler, just a pile of unrelenting, noisy as fuck and drum-machine driven goregrind.


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