Friday, 18 May 2012

Fastcore Fest III - July 7th 2012

Third installment of the totally fun, ridiculously awesome DIY fest in Squamish, B.C., Canada. There's pretty much something for everyone here; crust, mincecore, powerviolence, fastcore, sludge and even a little death metal. If you only know some of these bands, there are links below for you to check out the rest and see how fucking insane they all are, and there's also quite a lot of time until this goes down, so NO excuses to be all like "I didn't know it was happening!" - I guarantee this will be the most fun you'll have all summer. I'm pretty sure I'll be going to this myself - or if not, I'll be at home crying my eyes out - so come say hi if you can spot the biggest nerdy idiot in the crowd. Yes, that is a partially naked and disillusioned Eric Wood on the flyer, are you kind of turned on?

Archagathus (Winnipeg, MB)
Soy (Vicotira, BC)
BruxeXCampbell (L.A, CA)
Rape Revenge (Calgary, AB)
Detroit (Edmonton, AB)
Violent Gorge (Winnipeg, MB)
Second Yellow (Edmonton, AB)
Column Of Heaven (Toronto, ON)
Cooked & Eaten (Vancouver, BC)
Bridge (Paradise Valley, CA)
Six Brew Bantha (Victoria, BC)
Osk (Vancouver, BC)
Bridge Burner (Kamloops, BC)
Expression Of Pain (Vancouver, BC)
Skuff (Kamloops, BC)
Obacha (Squamish, BC)
Violent Restitution (Vancouver, BC)
Shooting Spree (Squamish, BC)

-$12, 18 bands, pay up or eat fist
-Starts at 4:20 pm and will end hopefully before you puke and / or pass out.
-Leave your hard drugs at home. If you can't stay up all night partying on only beer you must be some kind of a wuss.

And there's also a ridiculously awesome pre-fest show the night before (July 6th):

Massgrave (Vancouver, BC)
BruxeXCampbell (L.A, CA)
Skuff (Kamloops, BC)
Ahna (Vancouver, BC)

Friday July 6th @ @ Chateau

- Some gas money towards the touring band!!!
- 5 bucks!!!!
- Another pre-fastcore show at the Astoria right after this one (details TBA - will post the event soon)

Fartbook event page HERE and the pre-fest Fartbook event page HERE.

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