Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rape Revenge - Rape Revenge EP (2010)

Rape Revenge are a XVX (vegan straight edge), queer and feminist 4-piece hardcore / powerviolence band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. They're sound on this release mixes raging, spastic but not at all goofy powerviolence with very prevalent layers of modern hardcore (such as Converge and maybe a little Integrity) with strong hints of screamo (not going to namedrop because I know nothing about screamo). Since this EP, the band has gone more for a straight up pummeling as fuck powerviolence sound - the first example of which being their 'Paper Cage' EP on To Live A Lie Records  which, honestly, I am far more fond of.

Anyway, I hope this post introduces many new people to the band, because they're lovely and dedicated people who play intensely raging music and to be honest, lyrically and thematically they're probably my top pick of any band in Canada for the past while. I'm personally really happy to have had to opportunity to open for them two years ago in Toronto. Anyway, here's what was their first release ever; a self-titled 7" EP released in 2010.


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