Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bacteriophagia - Parasitic Teratoma (2008)

Bacteriophagia was a one-man pathological gorenoise band from Byesville, Ohio, USA. This was the earlier incarnation of the drum and bass project that eventually turned into the more well-known, Vomitoma. Other than that, there's very little information on the existence of the details of this project. The sounds on this one are are exceptionally harsh as fuck, definitely not for the faint of heart, those with weak ears or stomachs; just a pure attack of disgusting surgical noisy sewer madness. Highly comparable to the likes of Anal Birth, Biocyst, Enterorrhagia, Tumour, Urinary Tract Infection From Severe Pus Clots, etc. This tape - not sure if this was considered a demo or EP - was release by the now defunct, Intestine Stew Tapes, who was based out of Canada.


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