Friday, 18 May 2012

Michigan Grindfest II - July 4th 2012

The second installment of the Michigan Grindfest with a ridiculously good lineup of mostly mincegrind bands and some other fast / noisy shit. Support local, "hard working" DIY grinders and go to this if you're in the area. It's fucking $5 dollars, dude. Anyway, here's the lineup:

Sick/Tired (Chicago fastcore)
Nak'ay (Indiana mincegrind)
Winters In Osaka (Chigaco power electronics)
Chronic Demise (Ohio mincegrind / sludge)
Exogorth (Seattle mincegrind)
Totes Brute (Seattle grindviolence)
Lt. Dan (Ohio mincegrind)
Faction Disaster (Michigan mincegrind)
Total Hipster Crusher (Michigan mincegrind)
Dental Work (Various Places noise)
RedSK (Michigan noise)
Bruxism (Michigan mincegrind)
Muroidea (no info)
Dead Church (no info)

Saturday, July 14, 2012
$7 at the door. We'll start @ 5PM sharp, so don't be late!

Fartbook event page HERE

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