Sunday, 4 March 2012

Abortion - Have A Nice Day (2002)

Abortion is a long-running mincecore band from Branč, Slovakia. Formed in 1989, they've strangely never received much recognition outside the small close-knit European scenes. The music bares quite obvious similarity to mincecore pioneers, Agathocles, but they've actually got a lot of other notably present influences in their sound - such as crossover / thrash, early UK crust/grind (like E.N.T., Unseen Terror) and a very small bit of death metal influence. Lyrically, the focus is undoubtedly sociopolitical - also resembling Agathocles - however, their style is done far more in a comedic / humerus and sarcastic manner, and doesn't really come in an activist tone but more 'this is how shit is and we're reporting on it because we're punx'. There's a lot really cleverly used samples from Loony Tunes or Bugs Bunny - or whatever the fuck were the popular 40s cartoons - that convey this and has sort of been their 'signature thing' for most of their existence as a band.

I've personally been really into these guys since I discovered them at around 15 I think. So if that description seems sort of interesting, I'd urge you to give them a listen because nobody really knows who they are.

Here's their 3rd full-length CD, 'Have A Nice Day' - there's also some bonus material on this: the last 5 tracks are from their 1997 'Charity' demo tape.

Official Abortion Page


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