Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Blood Suckers - Fuck Milk...Got Beer? (1999)

Blood Suckers were a mincecore band from Attert, Belgium that existed from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Along with bands such as Acoustic Grinder, Cladophora Glomerata, Cornicopia, Intestinal Disease and Mindfart, Blood Suckers were included in a small and short lived Belgian scene that formed as soon as Agathocles had made somewhat of a name for themselves in the scene there. So there's a very distinct stylistic similarity between all these bands but strangely, there's much more an emphasis on 'traditional punk' - such as Subhumans (UK) or Oi Polloi (Scotland) - than Agathocles had ever embraced.

Anyway, this was the first and only full-length of the band, which came out on CD-R in 1999 by some unknown Italian label and is now likely way of print. I wouldn't say it's anything earth-shattering but if you've heard any of the others I mentioned above from that mini-AGX inspired scene, then you'll rightfully be expecting some solid mince!


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  1. the link not work damn! i have put this cdr on my small label biba records:)