Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Ahna / Prison Violence - April Mini-Tour 2010

I thought I'd start help promoting D.I.Y. fests, tours and occasional really really good gigs within the states and Canada, so here's the first of that.

Here are the dates for a mini-tour that Ahna (Vancouver, BC) and Prison Violence (Squamish, BC) are doing together in April 2012. Ahna plays crushing drone / sludge - like Corrupted, Burning Witch, etc. - and Prison Violence is fairly new powerviolence act with ex members of Chuck Norris and War Hero. HIGHLY recommend you check this out if you live in any of these places.

April 6th Vancouver, BC @ Chateau Noir w/ Osk, Bracky Gen, Mortimer
April 7th Kamloops, BC @ Little Big House w/ Skuff, Worst Of Earth
April 8th Calgary, AB @ TBA
April 9th Regina, SK @ TBA
April 10th Brandon, MB @ Park Community Center
April 11th Winnipeg, MB @ Negative Space w/ Wolbachia, Putrescence, Fiendish
April 12th Saskatoon, SK @ Sweat Lodge w/ D.F.A.
April 13th Edmonton, AB @ Issac's House w/ Detroit, Second Yellow
April 14th Calgary, AB @ Local Library
April 15th Squamish, BC @ TBA w/ Messiahlator, Shooting Spree, Degenerative Myelopathy

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