Monday, 19 March 2012

Meatus - Laboratory For Fecal Analysis (2011)

Meatus is an old-style goregrind band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The band was formed as a side project of the members from Archagathus, Violent Gorge, Skeleton and Loutish - who also run Aggressive Valley Tapes and Don't Fear The Night Tapes - with the intent to play raw, filthy and noisy goregrind, as per the early days of the genre. And they have certainly succeeded; not only does it sound like an extremely well-done and slightly recalibrated version of classic Carcass, Dead Infection or Regurgitate but with a really fantastic paired filtering of thick crust and mincecore that Winnipeg is known for. Insanely catchy, heavy, violent, repulsive and definitely with a distinct sound of it's own. Lyrical content is fairly unique, in that the recent works have focused on illness, medicine, torture and other generally fucked up primitive practices that occurred during daily life the middle-ages. Anyway, this is seriously a band to keep an eye out for! Here is a tape of theirs (not sure if it's considered a demo or EP) which was self-released by the band in 2011.


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