Thursday, 1 March 2012

First Post!

So there's not a whole lot that I can think of to say. I just started this page because I want to share noise.

In some way, I see music blogging as somewhat of the next generation of tape trading, in that both serve as a hidden network of sharing for underground music. And I personally feel that network serves its purpose when it allows one to enter a portal into a normally hidden scene. The word 'community' also strangely comes to mind when I think of my own experiences finding and learning about music through blogs, because when the entirety of a scene is not at your disposal, it makes the means of finding it somewhat more special.

I'm going to try to post mostly newer or recent bands that are still active, rather than uncover largely hidden gems from the past. I guess this is because a 'scene' is more or less viewed in present-tense, and is associated with very 'present-tense' practices - gigs, new labels, new bands, new releases, trading, etc. It's not at all that past music is to be forgotten or undermined, in a way; the spirit, no matter what, remains the same but the particulars evolve and change.

Lastly, I think music blogging also represents that music - like billions of other things - MUST be something that everyone can be free to access, regardless of what something as irrelevant as their financial situation is. I  personally find it a tragedy that the term 'music industry' even exists, but really anyone who has any genuine interest in and knowledge of art, creativity and how grindcore came to be in the first place would fully understand that we don't care about profit, even if such a form of music was 'profitable', which it is not. That said, I am strongly against the concept of 'property rights' in regards to music or the idea that any of us really own anything, and so money is something entirely irrelevant to real art - or to anything. However, these are just my views and I will respect - although not necessarily agree with - those which contrast; if you would like something taken down from my blog, please just ask.

Anyway, if anyone bothered to actually read this, thanks and grind on!

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